About us

The St Thomas netball club, is a community based netball club in based in Blackburn, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The club services a number of local primary and secondary schools in the area and provides the opportunity for all levels of players of the game, both girls and boys.

The St Thomas netball club was initially established in 1982 by a few local parents to provide a local club for their netball loving kids. It continues to operate by volunteer parents and to this day the club has grown to be one of the largest in the Whitehorse Netball District (WNA).

Our club philosophy is all about promoting, developing and encouraging the enjoyment of netball.

We have approximately 20 teams each season at various ages and ability levels. We also recruit and develop our own coaching and umpiring panel. We warmly welcome both boys and girls to our teams, who play in the Whitehorse Netball Association (WNA) competitions at Sport Link in Vermont South. Our youngest players play GO (modified netball with the focus on fun and teamwork) on Monday evenings, whilst the other teams compete in one of the biggest netball competitions on a Saturday.

All of our Saturday teams are graded, based on their ability and age. This process allows ALL players to develop at their own pace which ultimately gives them the opportunity to grow and shine.

The aim is for each player to contribute equally, while being challenged to improve. Each age group is looked at for grading and ranked into their teams based on skill, attitude and commitment, with an overall aim of having balanced teams on court.

For further club selection criteria, please refer to the following document: here to download and view


Club Development Network

The St Thomas Netball Club currently fits under all the guidelines of the Australia Sports Commission Club Development Network. This is an initiative set up by the Australian Sports Commission to help clubs work efficiently and well.

To learn more about the Club Development Network please click the link Club Development Network