In the spirit of mentoring and the continuity of our netball club, it is important that we encourage new coaches and as well as existing coaches to seek further development and confidence in coaching netball.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, the following information will assist you in taking that next step.

Your coaching skills can be done at your own pace. The Club will endeavour to help you as much as possible.
There are three parts to becoming an accredited coach:
  1. WWCC Card
  2. Accreditation -  The Community Coaching General Principal Course and the Foundation Coach Course
  3. Practical coaching

1. Working with Children Check - please click here

2. Accreditation -  firstly, a mandatory or pre-requisite of coaching is a free online coaching principal course which has been set up by the Australian Sports Commission - The Community Coaching General Principles (CCGP) course.
The generic content gives you insight to what is involved and expected of a junior sports coach.

Once you have successfully completed the CCGP, the next stage is the Netball Australian Foundation Coach Course. The Foundation Coach Course is also fully online and has no practical assessment.

3. Practical coaching - St Thomas Club will help mentor your coaching ambitions.

1. Chat with our Coaches Co-ordinator's about your options.
2. Get involved with an existing St Thomas netball coach – ask questions
3. Shadow coaching, to learn and see how they operate.
4. Attend and watch club netball games and training
5. Speak to existing coaches and continue to develop your understanding and expectations
6. Attend/watch live VNL or Super Netball Games
7. Online resources -Resources Netball Australia.
8. Give it a go!

Contact our coaches co-ordinator at

Learn more about the injury prevention program called the Knee program from Netball Australia